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Books for the Whole Family to Enjoy

At Triple M Publishing, I specialize in writing children’s and family books. I believe that reading books with your kids is one of the best ways to spend fun and quality time with them. See my books below.

Please note that I serve customers in the Tri-State area with a focus on New York and New Jersey, including Somerset.


The Advent​ures of Maddie & ​Mack: 

I Can be Anything

Being a middle child is not easy and Mack is on a mission to find her own voice. With her mother’s reinforcement, she believes that she can be anything. She is reminded of her uniqueness every day; it’s in the way she moves to the sound of her favorite tunes, her creativity and her bold and eccentric personality.

The Adventures of Maddie & Mack Book Collection

The Advent​ures of Maddie & ​Mack: 

Maddie The Boss

Maddie learns what it means to guide and manage her leadership skills as she creates her first business idea. Her enthusiasm and excitement quickly turns to frustration when her little sister Mack gets in her way. Will there be room for two bosses? Read as the two sisters work through their challenges. 

The Adventures of Maddie & Mack: The Big Sister Blues

Maddie is no longer the only child and little sister Mack admires and adores her big sister. But, what happens when Maddie gets annoyed by Mack's constant desire to spend time together? Read to see how Maddie learns how to transition from being the only child for 7 years and grows to appreciate and love little Mack through their sisterly adventures.


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